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Jen Johnson, MS, MFA, LPC, RYT is a mindfulness teacher, coach, and counselor. She offers an integrative mind-body-spirit approach to supporting people in moving beyond self-imposed limitations and creating lives that they love living with a greater sense of peace, happiness, freedom, and well-being.

Jen teaches mindfulness as a practice to cultivate awareness, reduce stress, and increase happiness and well-being. Mindfulness is compatible with any religious or spiritual beliefs. Practicing mindfulness has been shown to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and emotional reactivity and increase awareness, attention, compassion and feelings of peace, well-being, and happiness.


Mindfulness is awareness of the present moment without judgment. It can be practiced as both a formal practice through mindfulness meditation and an informal practice through applying the principles to our everyday lives. Living mindfully allows you to stay in the present moment without getting lost in worry about the future or regret about the past. When you’re aware of the present moment, you have the power to respond rather than react and can cope more effectively with difficult thoughts or feelings.

Mindfulness is a practice that allows you to relate more skillfully with difficult bodily sensations, feelings, and thoughts without becoming overwhelmed by them. Once you learn the skills to cope, you become free to stop turning away from your experience and have the energy to embrace your true nature (which is to be happy and at peace) and live your full potential.

When we pause from the busyness, when we stop, it actually gives us a chance
 to come home to our hearts again. — Tara Brach

When you quiet your mind and turn toward your present moment experience, you can learn to respond to your experience with non-judgment, acceptance, and compassion rather than react to it with judgment and wanting things to be other than they are.  This facilitates a deepening sense of peace, ease, and well-being.

 Mindfulness is basically just a particular way of paying attention.
 It is a way of looking deeply into oneself in the spirit of self-inquiry
 and self-understanding. – Jon Kabat-Zinn

Our health—and indeed our entire lives—can be seen as the sum of all our moment-to-moment decisions.  –Kelly A. Turner


How many times have you tried on your own to make changes in the interest of your well-being and either not been able to change or not been able to sustain the changes? Maybe it’s time to try something different…

Jen offers services in Wilmington, NC and worldwide by phone and Skype. Please inquire regarding your specific needs.

Live Intentionally. Choose how your life unfolds. 

If you are ready to say, “Yes” to  your own well-being and living your full potential, contact me to schedule your FREE 15-minute introductory call with me now!